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Monday, January 2, 2012

Beading again!

Yep, I'm back to beading! Yippee!!! Actually, I have my table set up in the 'sewing room' (which is actually a bedroom!) but I just want to work on some beading so no point in unpacking what I won't be using for awhile, right! I started beading my Colorado butterfly. His colors are black, purple and orange! Of course, I'm going to have to make a stop at my favorite bead store this week to make sure I have plenty of those colors on hand. A gal's got to do what a gal's got to do!
Temp was only in the high 50's today but with the sun it did feel like high 60's. Perfect weather for me (& my dog!).
We sat out in the Lani today. This was Kalee's play area.
And this was my 'play' area! I actually beaded while watching a movie on Netflix! And if you get a chance to watch the movie 'BUCK' do it! It's a documentary and wonderfully done. Buck reminds me of Monty Roberts who was one of the first 'horse whisperer'. Buck Brannaman is an outstanding person and his story is told so well!! My friend, who is a dog trainer, recommended the movie to me. Today was my 2nd time watching the movie.
Kalee and I are taking at least two to three walks in the community and also walking in the dog park. Now this isn't your normal 'dog park'. It's an open field in front of the community entrance. At one time, they were going to build condo's but elected not to. Hence, it became a meeting place for all the dog owners.
I took this today. This picture is facing out of the community onto the highway. can see some of the white cement wall that surround the front of the community entrance (on the left). The entry way to Ocala Palms is beautiful and so well maintained. Flowers are always in bloom.
This is facing towards the gate house (on the far left) and the pond. You can see the swans in the middle.
A wider pic of the entrance into the community from the 'dog park'
We certainly love staying here in the winter. Everyone is so friendly, happy go lucky...who wouldn't be! You feel like you're on a 3-4 month vacation! Tomorrow we are expecting a cold spell so folks are covering their flowers and plants. After Tuesday, weather will be back in the mid 60's and on up. Even with the possibility of freezing temps, the sun will get the temps up quickly. 40 or 50 degrees isn't all that bad and now snow!


  1. Colors are so rich in your butterfly piece! Just lovely. Kalee seems to like Florida just fine. We saw Buck at the Marion Theater last year... wonderful film.

  2. Enjoy your warmer weather. Your beading project looks beautiful already. Blissful and Creative 2012...

  3. Can't wait to see the finished's lovely already!

    Congrats. on the Lion's wild card..... We are watching the Badgers play in the Rose Bowl...this game may come down to whoever has the ball last!

  4. The piece your working on is lovely. I'm jealous of the weather you have there. We are having a snowstorm in Northern Indiana/Southwest Michigan. But I bet you know that! The good thing is, my cardinals are stunning against the white snow.
    xx, Carol

  5. Your sunshine looks so inviting. It would be hard NOT to use cheerful colors in a setting like that. (It's grey and rainy here in WA and I think I need to pretend it's sunny.)

  6. I love how the piece looks now. Can't wait to see it finished!