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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My 13 hour day

Yes, this is a post about my Wed. with the kids. I arrived at 6:45 a.m. and left after 8 p.m. which gave us lots of time together to be busy!
Amber did make a pot holder so there is some fiber work to show! She got a kit to make these woven pot holders but the fabric in them these days is made of polyester which stretched like crazy. Remember the good old days when the material was just cotton! Anyway, I told Amber I can still use this one to set my water glass on.

Amber working hard on her pot holder.

Nick had a snap-it car to put together.

He was quite fascinated with the chrome looking wheels he had to put together. And being the fussy builder he is (reminds me of Ian! Must be a boy thing!), he had to put the tires back together after he saw the tread was going in different directions on the back tires. Who knew tread had directions!

We moved inside to finish up Nick's car and Amber's pot holder. Nick and I were at the stage of putting on decals on the model car. As I was trying to put this tiny, tiny, tiny! light decal on, it flipped and we couldn't find it. Nick said "maybe it fell in one of your wrinkles, grandma". Hmmmm Out of the mouth of babes!
OK, this is the part where mom and dad stop reading. Do we need a perk-me-up, grandma?

Amber poured some of my coffee into a cup for Nick to taste...

And she tried some herself....not to worry...neither of them will be coffee drinkers...I made them sip it black, which I knew would be too strong for them. It was a funny episode. And no coffee was really consumed by them (just me!).

We did have a full day even after having dinner at our local Italian Restaurant enjoying our 35 cent pasta day! Can't beat that!!

Amber and I made a meal of the salad which is fantastic. She eats the salad with no dressing on it!

Isn't this how everyone eats spaghetti?

After our great dinner, we headed home to go on a bike ride. Amber wasn't too excited about this but I really wanted to move after the bread and salad (yes, I put dressing on mine!). Bike ride was quite nice but Amber's choice of activity was to play baseball. So, after the bike ride, we got all the bases, bat and ball and headed to the front yard. I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed the show of grandma pitching and of Nick running into me on first base! We played until after 7:30 when we had to stop after Amber made a great hit but ran into Nick on 3rd base and slid onto the sidewalk! Just a little skinned knee, but she recovered quickly after her shower. Kids had just finished their baths and deciding what to have for dessert when mom and dad came home.

I'm not sure who was more tired, Mandy or me but we had a great day and memories (yes, the wrinkle comment will go in Nick's BD letter this year!).

Today, grandma will get back to some fiber work! I have a workshop to teach at our local quilt guild next week so I want to get all my notes and supplies together. I have to find all my samples too.

Our weather is turning cooler which is such a relief not to have the air on and windows open! My kind of weather!


  1. Fun and creative day! But what about the pedal boats? Our temp is to reach 96 today.. so still summer, still hot.

  2. Just catching up with your are so prolific with the posts!! Busy, busy life you lead. Those gkids must really miss you in the winters. Hope they come down for some of the Florida sunshine.

  3. Looks like you had a fun, active day.

    Thanks for stopping by and the very nice comment on my album.