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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Product Review for Beaders

This is my newest tool for beading and I love it! It's called the Tacky Mat and it is just that. The mat is made of a sticky, rubber material that holds the beads in place and hold it, it does!
This next picture is being held up in the air while I took the picture! You can barely see the beads, but they are NOT falling off! There's no residue on the beads either! Great product!
I used the mat for over an hour or two yesterday working on the bracelet and didn't lose one bead. It does take a little while to get used to picking up the beads but I got into the swing of it after awhile. Even if the needle punctures the rubber it seems to heal itself. It's only 4" x 4" and sells for under $6. I ordered mine online via Hobby Lobby (w/free shipping!) and did see on their web site that the larger JoAnn's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby sell them.

Now to some stamping I did the other day. One of the Kemshall's/DMTV showed fabric printing using the heat mouldable foam. Our fiber group played with this foam several years ago and I still have some of the fabric and paper pieces I stamped but never used. Laura used a small medicine bottle and for those who know me I have several of these small bottles (OK, and several large, antique bottles!) so of course I had to play. This is the bottle I used, which is only about 3" high.
Laura had a great suggestion on using your iron rather than the heat gun (which we used before) to heat up the foam to prepare for stamping. I just put parchment paper on top of the foam then pressed the bottle onto the foam.
Then I starting to print. I just grabbed a small piece of hand dyed fabric and filled the entire piece. I did use white paint for the first print but I didn't like the look of it so I switched to a dark blue/purple paint. The pictures don't show the printing that well but the piece did turn out pretty cool!

Dr. called yesterday and will reck Bob on the 6th of June. He's not totally in agreement with the radiology report but between you and me I think the radiologist is correct and the prosthesis is loose. The Dr. is on vacation for two weeks so....Bob wouldn't go to another Dr. so we just don't have no choice but to wait. Until then Bob is to do what he normally does but not heavy, physical activity. Which means he'll still golf unless he can't walk.
I have my design for the MQAI exhibit that's due in July and dyed a piece of background fabric but then I had another idea last night so I want to play with that today. That's always the problem for me...I get TOO many ideas and want to do them all! Type 'A'...yep!


  1. That sticky bead thing is neat. It would be great for beading while on a road trip or when flying. Thanks for the tip. The stamping is neat too. I'm sending positive energy your way. Hope all goes well for your husband.

  2. i'm not sure i understand what you used or how you made the bottle stamp, but it looks pretty neat however you did it! hope bob doesn't over-do it and mess anything up any worse. how awful he's got to go through all that. thanks for the product review. i'll have to look out for that the next time i go to joann's...we've got a pretty big one, so they might carry it. hope you have a very happy week!