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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nick's 1st Communion

Yesterday we celebrated Nick's 1st Communion with family and friends of the kids. The church service was quite nice even with the priest having a touch of laryngitis!

I didn't get pictures in the church due to where we were sitting but Nick is in the vest on the left side. He looks so much like his dad and I'm sure when my sister reads this blog, that will be her first comment! Their hair styles are even the same! Nick's had short hair (like his dad does now) for years but for some reason he's into growing it out.

Auntie took some pictures after so I'm sure those will be good and I'll post at a later date for my family.

The kids had everyone meet over at Kruse & Muer's for dinner, which was great. They had a really nice selection for you to pick from on the menu. Bob got Maryland Chicken which had shrimp, crab, etc. wrapped in chicken with a cream sauce. I had tortellini with grilled chicken that was superb! And of course Kruse & Muer are famous for their bread! I was good and only had one piece! Reason being I was saving the extra carbs for Nancy's cake! Nancy is Kris' mom and always bakes the cakes for the birthday's or special occasions. She a great cook and I love her cakes. Check out the decorating she did on Nick's cake.
PLUS, Nancy handed me a bag of cookies when we were walking into the restaurant, which I thought were for the kids. Wrong! They were for Bob and I! I think Nancy made 500 cookies! She gave several of us a huge bag of shortbread cookies all frosted in the shapes of crosses!! And are they every good!!! I kept some out (which I keep nibbling on!) and put the rest in the freezer. I know they won't last long as they are SO good! And yes, we also brought home some cake! YUM!!

This is Anna (daughter of a friend) and Amber (on the right). I think it's a great picture of the two girls.
So all in all we had a great afternoon and were stuffed until breakfast this a.m.! I'm going to finish up some paperwork and then head off to my dye room downstairs. I would like to play with some of the paste papers we did the other day. Not sure if Tigers are on this afternoon or tonight. That will be my beading time! It's overcast and in the 50's but rain is due in this week. We do have quite a bit of flooding in some of the areas so hopefully we won't get a ton of rain and make it worse. I still feel so bad for the folks down south who have lost so much. It's so sad....


  1. what a handsome little man. and look at that cake, too. wow! between the service and the dinner it sounds like you had a great day.

  2. Ah, this was fun to read; I remember my first communion...if fact I came across a photo of ME grinning from ear to ear the other day (have no idea where it is now..LOL!)
    Sounds like everyone had a great time~~and they all look so serious and cute!


  3. What a wonderful celebration! And that cake... oh, my. You know the most creative people. Very memorable day for Nick, and all of you. Do you go to QOP on 200 when here?

  4. Very cool, Robbie, your granddaughter looks like Brooke Shields!

  5. don't they look like little grooms and brides! So cute! My niece just had her first communion too. They are just so precious as that age.