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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm a Chico's Girl!

OK, so we ALL know I don't look like this! But I still like the clothes from Chcio's! And guess what the kids got me for Mother's Day! A whole boatload of clothes from Chcio's! Wonder if they think 'mum' needs a new wardrobe! You think! And guess beige clothes in the bunch!!
It was so exciting to come home from a wonderful brunch Dawn and Amber cooked for all of us to celebrate Mother's Day! It's a wonder the clothes didn't fit me because I ate so much! Thanks, Kids!!!

Actually, I do have to return some of the tops for a different size but what fun to go to Chico's! My friend, Carol in Florida, and I would head to Chicio's as soon as we saw any sales along with our coupons! We had a great time and when she comes up to Michigan we're heading to the Chicio's Outlet store! I picked up a pair of white Capri's a few years ago for $8 at the Chico's Outlet store so you can find good bargains if you look hard enough!

Here is our Mandy girl! Actually she looks more pitiful than she really is. Yesterday she had to have four moles removed. One was on her cheek and it was so large they had to cut about a 2" incision.

She's doing really well but I can't have her scratch the incision on her cheek so she's back in her 'decorated' E collar. I'll be home the next two days then off to the kids so I can keep an eye on her. She came home yesterday hungry and running around, which was a first for her after surgery!

I made Mary Jo (DIL in Indiana) one of my beaded rings and she sent me this picture after her manicure! MJ loves pink so I made her a ring in Bubble Gum delica's. It's a little tight so I'm making another one for her in the silver.

My neighbor, Lori, became a grandma this past winter so for Mother's Day I made her and her new grand daughter, Annabella, a fabric picture book. Our kids and even grown kids have had these (I made MJ one when they lost their dog, Betsy a few years ago). I don't do the baby quilts anymore so this is in place of a quilt!

This is the cover

Inside pages

Back cover

Today, I'll work on doing some cleaning and then start quilting my bird journal for April. I found a line drawing of a cardinal so that will be my next journal bird. I am working on 'Georgia' when I'm not beading. Did you see Justin V. get his no hitter the other night!! How cool is that!! Made the game exciting for sure. Let's hope the Tiger's continue on their 'roll'...but nothing lasts does it!


  1. Poor Mandy!!! She has really had it rough this past year....

    Christine and I missed you at the Flint Handmade show.... would love to get together one of these days.

  2. You are busy as usual, even if some of your business is opening presents and shopping:-) Poor little Mandy, I hope she recovers quickly.

  3. Well happy shopping for you! Hope Mandy perks up and heals quickly. That little fabric book... adorable, and how thoughtful!