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Friday, April 22, 2011

Beading, finally!

I'm finally back to beading at night! It's been a long time for me! This is a Blackpoll Warbler and is one of Helene Knott's birds (see my previous post here and here on using Helene's patterns). I've looked up the Blackpoll Warbler and he's mainly dark browns, blacks, cream and white, while the female has some yellow on her. I'll most likely stick with the darker colors since I don't have any pale yellow to use and at this point I don't plan on purchasing any more beads right now.

I'm looking forward to Easter morning as we're meeting the kids at a restaurant for a brunch. Until then I hope to get more beading done and perhaps also start on my 'Georgia' quilt as well. Nice to have several different hand projects to keep me occupied!

A BIG thanks to Larry and Jan! I left my electrical cord to my laptop at their house in Florida and received it in the mail today. Fortunately, I had my desktop and Ipod to use for Internet/mail. Yes, we are a spoiled society aren't we! How did we ever exist without email and the Internet!


  1. Robbie,
    This is just amazing! Do you have a picture of the whole quilt? I can't imagine any much more perfect than they marriage of quilting and beading. Hope to see you in Flint on the 7th, I'm there for the show again. You up for dinner or a cocktail after the show?

  2. These still completely blow me away....I don't know how you do it and I bow in complete awe.
    (but not too low or I won't get back's the thought that counts, right???)