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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Florida doings!

Just to give my family and friends back in Michigan some sunshine.....this is a geranium plant in front of the house here in Ocala.

Everything is so green and the flowers have been in bloom for a few weeks now. Each time we take Mandy on her golf cart ride at night I've forgot to take the camera. Some of the yards are just beautiful with the flowers and landscape.

The next picture is a Bottle Brush tree. You have to click to see a larger picture of the flowers but if you want to get through this post quickly, just go to the next picture!
This is a closeup of the Bottle Brush flowers. I love this tree in Larry's (our 'landlord'!) yard.
Now on to more sunshine. Yesterday we met MJ, Ron, Ian and his friend Zack (in the green shirt) for dinner in Clermont. We've been meeting at the same restaurant for the past four or five years. It's a sports bar but we always sit outside on the deck and watch the water. Of course, we make grandpa walk down to the pier and get our picture taken. One of the fisherman on the pier was kind enough to take this picture of us. We're all smiling because we just ate a great meal!
Just another shot from the pier. We had a really nice visit with the kids. Too bad we both have to travel all the way to Florida to meet up! Kids live in Indiana which really isn't that far but it's hard to get 'you know who' to travel!
And now on a sad note.....for my readers/followers you may remember my story of Sybil the Siamese Fighting fish (post is here). Well, Sybil passed away yesterday. I don't really know how old he/she was but Amber bought him last winter so I'm assuming he was born towards the end of 2009. I did make a little coffin for Sybil and buried him yesterday.

My DIL said Sybil did have a good home and even got to travel to Florida! That's more than most fish, right! I have to admit Bob and I really enjoyed having Sybil! He was so animated when we would walk in the room....hence, we fed him 5-6 times a day! That may have contributed to his demise from what I understand. I've read and talked with 'fish' experts and they say only feed once a day and one day a week do not feed them. You can even go 2 or 3 days without feeding. Hmmmmmm I'm a grandma! I feed everything/everyone! Bob did say "no more fish!". OK..I won't. Nick just got a spike lizard and my fear is that will be coming to the house next! Wonder what Bob will say about that! He said no fish..he didn't say anything about lizards!


  1. Oh no!!! <:-(
    Poor Sybil! But he had a good life while he was with you, so maybe things just worked out how they were supposed to, and passing to Fish-Heaven in Florida, well, that's a pretty good way to go...
    I'm not commenting on the sun flowers and trees......I have sun MUD and COLD.
    Not fair. LOL!!!


  2. Glad you are feeling well and got to enjoy this family outing. Poor Sybil... but he had a great home plus travel in his short life. Now he'll nourish a plant or patch of grass. Have a good weekend.

  3. I'm sorry for Sybil! It's hard not to indulge pets, any pets! And two years sounds like a long fish life to me, although I am admittedly no fish expert.

    And I would love some landscaping like you're seeing in Florida! Just gorgeous.

  4. The flowers are sooooo inspiring! Sorry to here about Sybil... I did want to tell you that I love the birds your working on, like the direction your laying your beads and your colors. Kate