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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post 500!

It's hard to believe I've had something to post about 500 times! But it's true! OK, some of my friends (Susan, stop rolling your eyes!) aren't surprised that I can talk that much! But 500! That is a milestone isn't it!
I still look at my blog as documenting my life and bringing along my family and friends on my blog journey!
One of the blogs I've been following is Anne, from Little Miracles of Art. Anne is one of those artists that just keeps amazing you with her talent and as well as giving you chuckles with her humor! She's a treat for sure and now she's giving us all another treat! Anne is now 'gellin' with posts on the uses of Gel medium! How cool is that!
Of course I had to play along with Anne and being the good student I am here's pics from her first 'lesson'!
I used a foam food tray to cut out a heart shape. Next we mixed glass beads with Soft Gel (I used semi gloss) and filled in our stencil. I know, who uses blue for a heart! But you use what you have!

"Waste not, want not" (I think this is also Anne's mantra!) we painted our leftover pieces cut from our stencils.

These are out of order as the darker pieces are after I painted over the lighter blue with Indigo paint. Anne used black ink which really showed up the texture in her pieces.

My cut outs painted with Golden's fluid acrylic paint.
The funny part is when I first applied the gel/bead mix to fill in my stencil, I did it on a glass plate..but then I thought, heck, how will I get my heart off! Duh! So I went into my stash and found a piece of Lutradur, scraped off the gel mix and redid the process! Hope that's right!
So here's my gel heart drying on my painted lutradur. Anne noted that the dye from the acrylic beads sinks to the bottom of the gel. I noticed that she's right (did I doubt Anne! Nope!). I can see the difference from my gel mixture to my heart drying. I can't wait for our next lesson!!!
If you don't 'play along' with Anne, just check out her blog and enjoy her work!!!

And before I forget, I have to say congrats to our grand daughter, Amber! She got 4 A's and 2 B's on her report card (one of the A's was an A+!). CONGRATS,honey! Grandpa and I are so proud of you!!!


  1. First, congrats on the 500th Post!!! (we ALL have something to talk about! LOL!!!)
    Your heart looks like it's coming along good; glad to see that it's working. Your blue heart; is that the bottom of the tray? If so, cool! I just had some leftover paperclay hearts I had made, languishing in a bin.......
    Can't wait to see yours completely dry.
    Now I'm back to shooting copious photos and trying to get another post in my head....aaaahhhhhh!!!!


  2. I wanted to be first. She only posted this 12 minutes ago!

    *%*%*%*Congratulations Robbie*%*%*%*

  3. Well wow and congrats on 500 posts. That's an accomplishment for sure. And yours always have the best pics, too. So I know the effort you put into this. We all thank you. And the gel hearts... great idea.

  4. Anne IS fabulous!!!! Look it up in the dictionary and you will find her photo there. :-)

    Congrats on post 500.......WOW! 500

    Isn't it absolutely the best when we get to play like children? Love your results.