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Thursday, February 10, 2011

More hearts

As well as playing along with Anne, I've been working on a donation quilt for Ami Simms, The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI). I called the piece 'Never Forgotten' and the great ladies over at Thr3fold Journal gave me permission to use Catherine Nicholls 'face pattern' in my donation quilt. Catherine's silhouette of a face just reminded me that even though we might not remember the face of ones we've lost, we will never forget them.
If you're so inclined, take a peak at some of the donation quilts that are up for bid on the AAQI site or make a small donation piece! It's for a great cause and a good way to practice a technique on a smaller quilt (this one is 9" x 11"). I'll put in the mail on Monday, as I want to take to the Weaver's meeting on Sat.

Tomorrow I'll post lesson 3 with Anne using sand and bird grit in our gel medium! What fun!!

Here are a few more of my fiber Valentine's that family and friends have received from me! They are slowly arriving!


  1. All these pieces are EXCELLENT!! The postcards are just beautiful.....
    And I sit and play with sand and gels.
    Hmmmmmmmm...... ;-D


  2. All beautiful pieces.... The face is simply stunning. Very striking.

  3. These are gorgeous. I love the piece with the face.

  4. Oh my... the quilt is a very moving piece. And the hearts are just lovely, one after another!