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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lesson 2 and more hearts!

First, a big Thanks! to Jill over at the Quilt Rat for sharing her feathered drawing with her blogger friends! She posted a few days ago her drawing and said we can do what we wanted with it. So I decided to make Bob a fiber Valentine! I couldn't decide whether to use red or another color so I ended up using a purple ink. I think Bob will like it since he has always liked the fiber cards I make and receive.

This one did come in the mail today so I'll have Bob get the mail and hopefully he'll be surprised! Be sure to check out Jill's blog and some of her doodling! She does some fantastic drawings in addition to quilting and other fiber art work! A very talented lady!! Jill was also one of the artists showcased in the latest Zentangle book by Suzanne McNeill, Inspired by Zentangle.

I also received in the mail some fiber cards from friends! The one on the left is from my friend, Lois Ann who now resides in Italy. The one of the right is from my friend, Mary, back in Michigan! Aren't they great fiber cards! Thanks, ladies! I love them both!!!

I'm still following along with Anne (uses for gel medium) and wanted to use a different substrate for this lesson. I found this piece of glue/painted fabric I did last May (you can read how here). I attached it to a piece of foam board using Misty Fuse! Hmmmm Well, so far, so good!
Then I started to dig in my 'stash' of 'stuff' I brought with me and I added the piece of music and these two figures that I had printed on organza several years ago! They were from the Kemshall's Thr3fold journal.

Next I followed Anne's post and made another heart stencil, this time adding some gold glitter to the gel medium. I was running out of my semi gloss gel so I picked up the gloss medium (recommended by Anne) and used that. It will be interesting to see if the previous heart I made and this one are much different.
I did make this heart a little thicker than my last one. Which, by the way, I'm going to use my blue, beaded, gel heart on a project we're doing this Sat. at the Weaver's meeting. At least that's my plan!
Gotta run now...bird is screaming so I'm either going to start drinking a margarita early or take Mandy to the park for a walk. Guess the walk is a better idea since we're going out to dinner with two other couples tonight for Italian! I'll wait for the wine!


  1. these are awesome, robbie! but i have to say that the top one is my very favorite. then again, the bottom one is so unique...oh now i can't decide! they're all fab!

  2. Yes they are ALL fabulous!

    So delighted that you liked that feathered heart enough to not only play with it but to choose it as the one for your hubby!

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on my I blushing?
    Big Smiles here!