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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just thinking....

I finished the edging and adding my closure to the beaded bracelet. It's nothing spectacular but a fun piece to make....and I can see using this pattern as a fence on a quilt! Later on that....

While I was beading on my Christmas tree (BJP Dec. 2010), I watched a documentary on Netflex. What an interesting and thought provoking movie. Touching the Void is about two mountain climbers whose trek goes bad, to put it gently! One of the climber falls and breaks his leg and his buddy, who's tethered to him, attempts to lower him to safety but fails, forcing him to make a pivotal decision that may or may not save both of their lives. This movie sure got me thinking about what would I do. Is it because we are just selfish or is it just survival...what would I do? Thankfully, the majority of us will never have to make decisions or be put in situations like these two or others that have been in similar situations (127 Days).
And on that same note...a friend sent out this You Tube. If you watch this and don't get the 'bug' or inspiration to get off the couch and get busy or do something productive or for someone else, then I'd say your pulse is at 'zero'!


  1. Robbie,

    Thank You so much for posting this. The video of Rose is so inspirational. I love it! I am going to post it on my FaceBook for others to see and hear. I always thought that if I lost my vision I would figure out a way to continue to bead. Now I know I will.

  2. Beautiful bracelet, great color combo.

    I saw that movie too, it was fascinating but how awful! the ending. Oh man. I kept saying to Steve, yeah, lets go mountain climbing. Not!

    Thanks for the video too, that is quite a story, very inspiring.

  3. what a truly inspiring video, robbie! i really enjoyed watching that. now i know that i should never let the pain in my hands get in the way of my beading.