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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yes, I do have talented friends! I've shown some of the watercolor my friend Carol T has done on my blog before. Here are some of her pieces from her Joggles online class with Jane LaFazio. I do follow Jane's blog and their current 'on location' watercolor is being done at a coffee shop. Mary and Carol sat at Border's cafe yesterday and did some drawings. Can't wait to see what they did! These are from Carol's 1st lesson, which was 'keys'. Aren't they great!

And look at what Carol made me for my BD gift! It's a really nice tote bag which I'm sure I can fill up on my adventures! Thanks, Carol!

More stitching today then I'll be posting pics of my work! Temp is 52, a little over cast today but should be warmer than yesterday with temps in the low 70's. Perfect weather for me! Bob is golfing but he's having problems with his muscle in the leg he had hip replacement in. Hip joint has never bothered him, just the muscle. Sure hope he gets feeling good again. He had about 3 days of no pain, no nothing! That was nice (for both of us!). Enjoy your Sunday, I sure will.


  1. thanks for the mention!! and love the bag carol made you...hint hint.

  2. When was your birthday, Robbie? that is a lovely bag, I know you will put it to good use.

  3. Great works! I love the bag - I'm sure you'll get great use out of it.