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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another day, another BD!

OK, I just love the "Listen Doll" greeting cards. I think they're a hoot and so I sent myself a BD card today! You really need to go to their website and read some of the cards! Last year several of us stood around a greeting card stand just cracking up reading them!

These are some of the gifts I got from the kids. Actually Dawn gave me my Scentsy candle at Christmas! Scentsy Warmers use a low-watt bulb to melt a scented wax block slowly. There's no flame to worry about (which Bob is always paranoid about!). I only used two small pieces of the wax and the house smelled so good. I didn't bring the candle with me as Larry/Jan have tons of candles and infusion sets around the house. At least I know the house won't smell like 'old folks' home when we get back to Michigan. It only takes a few minutes to put a wonderful smell in the house!

And my 2nd present from Darrin and Kris is the Polaroid PoGo printer! This is the coolest little printer that you link wireless to your camera! How cool is that! At Christmas, Dawn printed out our family Christmas pictures on 2" x 3" paper! I couldn't figure out how she did it then she showed me this mobile printer. I'm going to try it out tonight when we go to dinner for my BD. How much fun is that!!

So today this 64 year old biked 1.5 miles in 11:56!! My friend Peggy was with me and I know it was due to her power biking that I was able to make this time. On Friday I did 1.5 in 12:43 and I thought that was great! I'm hoping to get up to 2 miles this coming Thursday. It's another beautiful day with temps going to upper 60's. Sun is shining, Bob's golfing and I'm waiting for the kids to SKYPE! I already talked with Dawn this a.m. so my day can't get much better.


  1. A very happy birthday to you! Biking is my favorite thing to do in the world. In summer I cannot stay inside. I have to be on my bike. So you will have to ride for both of us until the weather is better here:))

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love that card - what a scream!! I think I will check out more of those, too!

    The printer that you received is fantastic! I didn't even know it existed, but want to check that out, too!!

    Here's wishing you a Fabulous day full of wonderful surprises!

  3. Yes, Roberta, riding the bike is wonderful! It's taxing on my cardio for sure but I think it's worth it. I love being outside and now that I don't raise/show my horses, biking gets me outdoors. And keeps me off the golf course! that's makes hubby happy, very happy!

  4. sharon, You have to check out some of the other Listen Doll cards! I have a stack of them to send to friends (special friends!). They have them for all occasions. I just printed out a picture of my fish! That little printer is great!!! Do check it out as well!

  5. happy birthday! those are some great gifts. i hope your day is fabulous.

  6. Well, happy birthday! Sounds like you had a terrific day. That printer is intriguing.

  7. Happy 2nd day being 64! Time flies when we're having fun (and even when we're not).

    Sounds like year 64 has gotten off to a good start. Good for you setting goals on your biking. I miss walking, but until the snow and ice melt, its just way too dangerous. We do still get into the woods for a hike on the weekends. Snowshoes are definitely a workout!

    That birthday card is a riot - thanks for the laugh :)

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  9. Happy happy birthday, Robbie! I hope there was some cake involved!