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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Productive Day

So this is my SOTB piece..called 'Down Mexico Way with Gene Autry'.
These are pictures of the beading I did on the cactus I mentioned on a previous post. I finally took pics today. For each of the cactus, I laid a row of beads then took anywhere from 3-6 beads and laid across the row. You can probably see beading better by clicking on pics.
This was a fun piece to work on...lots of hand stitching but fun to do. I'm still working on my BJP for July but don't have any updated pictures.
Today I finished the touch up on the deck. Bob painted the floors on the deck the last two weekends. It actually wasn't bad since this year he/we got smart and he used a long handle with a roller on it! Wow! What a difference! No more painful knees! Although, I did have some pain today doing the touch up in the corners. it only took me about two hours to finish all the touch ups so that wasn't bad at all.
We also had some rust from the sprinkler system on our white (plastic) fence which I removed today. Mr. Clean eraser works great on everything! I did use some Clorox spray in addition to the eraser so it was a good combo.
Wed. is babysitting day with grand kids which I do look forward to. We're going to play some more 'minute to win it games' and go to the library for a program called, Star Lab. It's a portable, inflatable Mylar StarLab which sounds to be be interesting. So nice to take advantage of these programs. Kids have seen clowns, magic shows, jugglers and now a Star Lab..and it's all FREE! Grandma likes that too!

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