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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grandkids Updates

So Kayla is back at Ball State as a sophmore this year! so hard to believe. She's keeping quite busy with clinicals since last Thursday with Field Hockey (she's in Sports Medicine) along with classes from 8 - 12 then to practice and treaements until 7! Busy, busy but she'll do great!

Ian started back to school over a week ago as well and had his first cross country meet. Ian is a freshman this year so he's now competing with the upper class. MJ sent me a nice article from the Bedford Times paper on Ian's race:
"Freshmen Ian Payne (43rd, 20:39) and Blake Daugherty (50th, 21:19) were close behind". (Blake is the young man who went on spring break with the kids. a nice young man too.) The article went on: "“The top four are all experienced runners from the last couple years, so we expected them to be up there,” said Jones. “But Ian and Blake are just freshmen and they both have a lot of potential and they’re going to be challenging some of those guys up there in the top four before the season’s over." How about that!! A really nice article. YOU GO IAN!! AND BLAKE! Give them all a run for their money!!

Yesterday was my last full day of babysitting for the summer. Kids are on vacation starting this coming week so I won't watch them until after school starts when I pick them up from school on Wed.
Nick for some reason got into coloring his Transformer coloring book yesterday. I think he ended up coloring at least 8 pages and really picked great colors and stayed in the lines! I wouldn't let him take the crayons into the living room and Nick didn't want to sit at the table so he colored on the floor. Later in the afternoon he did head up to the table to work along with Amber and me. We also played baseball in the afternoon and this kid can hit! I was afraid we'd hit a window or a neighbors window! Even Amber was hitting the ball! I amazed the kids by my pitching and by catching the ball using Nick's mitt! They didn't know this grandma can catch a ball!

I asked Amber if she wanted to paint grandma's nails and she was quite hesitate saying she didn't know how. I gave her some tips and let her have at it! she did a great job even on these arthritic fingers my nails looked pretty good! Nice job Amber!
Amber was going to make us banana pancakes for breakfast but we decided to head off to the bagel shop for some fresh bagels. They were yummy too! So Amber got out her American Girl Cookbook and she made banana bread! This is Amber playing Betty Crocker!

Grandma did KP duty while she did the mixing. She made the small loaves and gave one to me to take home for grandpa and me. I just had a bite and it was good!!
All in all we had a really nice day having lunch did get down to the 40's last night and so far it's another beautiful day here in Michigan. Nice breeze, low humidity..perfect weather for me. Tonight is my fiber meeting and we're going to prepare some fabric/papers/whatever for rust dyeing. We did this about two years ago and it was fun to see what you get with the rust. Only problem is my hubby is such a neat freak we don't have any rusted items around the house!! So I have to 'force' any rust I want! My friend Karen, who is showing us the technique tonight, is bringing some rusted items she's been saving. I know Mary said she has some as well.

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