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Monday, August 30, 2010

Additions to my stash!

Look at the wonderful fibers I received in the mail this weekend!! These were sent by Penny who writes the Art Journey blog. I had commented on the 'seaweed' fiber she and a friend shared in a purchase. Penny sent me an email asking if I'd like to have some of the seaweed fiber. Being the shy person I am, I said YES! And this nice lady sent me 3 different fibers to add to my stash! THANK YOU again, Penny!
Do make sure to check out Penny's art dolls and other art work on her blog. Funny, on one of her posts she wrote about 'all the doubts and will a piece be good enough'. I think you'll agree Penny doesn't need any doubts at all! Check out her latest bead journal project here. Her work is beautiful!

So to continue on my post heading of 'adding to my stash' our fiber meeting the other evening we did some rust dyeing. Here are some of my pieces that will be added to my fabric stash.
This piece is actually Tyvek fabric that I rusted. I wasn't sure if it would accept the rust or not but it did. The fabric is a lot softer than before using the vinegar/water so I'm curious as to how the piece will look after I paint it.

The colored piece is actually watercolor paper..again, this was test to see if different fibers would accept rust. Heck, I should know rust will 'rust' anything! How many times have we found rust on our appliances, clothes, etc.! But at least this was a controlled rust!


  1. Love your rusty works! What items did you use to rust the fabric and paper? And the seaweed fibers... they work!

  2. Your rust dying turned out well. It is always fun to do this, you never know what you will get. I guess you never know what you will get in the mail either, you got a good present in those fibers, they are very pretty.