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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looking forward

Yep, I'm looking forward to getting back to somewhat of a normal week. Mandy's incision is finally healing after her setback last week. We are not having to watch her every minute of the day which is a real break! We even opened up the living room so she can 'hop' into the bathroom. This is her favorite spot to lay in and in fact, it's where she is as I type this. All of the couches are blocked off because she still can't jump up or down and we have to continue to carry her outside. She's still on restricted movement and can't be on the wood floors or linoleum. I started her PT of moving her leg and in another week we move on to another PT exercise.
I'm actually getting my roots dyed tomorrow since they are over 1/2"! And unless I want to go all gray (NOT!) I had better get on this appointment! Bob has his monthly retiree breakfast so Mandy will be in the hallway with bed and water for a little while until one of us gets back home. This will be a good test to see how she does. Only problem I can see is her getting so excited when we walk in the door.
I did finish my first pattern beaded needle case! I wasn't sure I could use a pattern but once I watched Beth's video's and was fortunate enough to have Beth provide me email tips it was easy! I say easy because it made sense (after ripping out only 8 times)! Of course I had to have all 12 of Beth's patterns only because it was too hard to choose just one. Now I'm excited to start another one! But I do have some quilt projects I must get finished by the end of July.
I don't know what all I've posted (not much I don't think!) the past two weeks..but here's the BD dinner kids put together for my DIL, Kris on the 30th of June. Everyone had to help blow out the candles! The cake was great! Amber did a really nice job.

And this is so funny. The grand kids are going to a summer camp and they both had to fill in a paper about them. Cute, right..ok, now check out the last picture! This is Nick's paper....go figure!

Boys will be boys, right! This is a keeper for his scrapbook for sure! So I hope everyone has a great week..I'm sure looking forward to getting some art work done while only keeping one eye on Mandy!


  1. I'm so pleased Mandy is a lot better!

    Enjoy the sewing!


  2. Happy to hear Mandy is doing much better. Great job on the needle case. I remember how confusing it was for me when I tried to follow my first tubular peyote pattern. Bead, rip it out, pout/cry, start again then repeat. Nothing can stop a woman when she is determined to learn a new stitch. So happy the video was helpful. You and Mandy have inspired me to make a new needle case pattern. Not sure when I will get it done but you will be the first to know.