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Friday, July 30, 2010

A 'Geezzz' moment

I've written about 'Still Alice' and I certainly had my share of 'her' moments yesterday! So we were meeting friends for dinner and then having them come over for coffee and dessert. Sounds simple doesn't it! I made 'home made' banana pudding to use in the Nila Wafer banana pudding dessert. All is well until I poured some of the 'hot' pudding on top of the wafers then (per recipe!) put sugar free cool whip on top..thinking to myself..gee, that hot pudding wonder what will happen to the cool whip! And yep, it whip started to melt. OK, on to next step to hold off until the pudding is chilled..then I put on the cool whip; added some nice toasted coconut and another layer of cool whip. Looked nice (this is NOT my picture above!). Into the shower, getting dressed and thought, heck, I think I'll have a banana before dinner..I'm getting hungry. WAIT! Banana!! I forgot to put the banana in the 'Banana nila wafer pudding'. Not big deal. I just sliced bananas put them on top of the cool whip then added some more cool whip. Whew!
Off to dinner at one of our favorite spots and had a great time. Back to our house for coffee and chatting and just a really nice visit with Joan and Jerry! As we were walking back into house after saying good bye to them, my hubby said "I thought you were going to make dessert?" WHAT!! Dessert!!! I forgot to put out the dessert!!!! Did I mention I forgot! Boy, do I feel like a dummy! Bob called Jerry and told him to come back and get the dessert. I'm sure they think I've totally lost it now! Oh well, the dessert was really good and refreshing! My 'Alice' moment for the day (you have to read my blog post here to know who 'Alice' is).

Lynn from Beading Heart Art blog talked about her 'blog book' she had made. I've seen books from the Blog2print web site on some other blog sites as well and I had my first year of 'blogging' put to paper! I received my book last weekend and it's wonderful! High quality paper, binding and even has a table of contents! This is a "year in my life" as my hubby likes to say - Dec. 2008 - Dec. 2009 Check it out!

table of contents!

Just some of the entries

I am really impressed and will have the current year downloaded while we're in Florida next winter.


  1. That blog book is SO COOL!!!!

    BTW.......that's why "desserts" spelled backwards is "stressed"

  2. oh i love banana pudding! Thanks for your words. And no worries, even though it was my 40, i still laughed. Sometimes laughter is all you can do. So sorry about your puppy. Yes they are our kids. Just so hard. I feel so bad every time I give her a shot even though she hardly notices.

  3. Hahahaha! I love it! Can you just say it's because you have an artistic temperament? You're not forgetful; you're creative! And I knew your blog book would be amazing- that art quilt just looks so good on the cover. Absolutely beautiful! I really want to do that now! Maybe in a few months I'll have enough entries... I'm going to have to step up my blogging game!

  4. Well, now you have pudding for the rest of the week! lol

  5. Your book looks really great, Robbie! I think I'll do one for Beadlust next... maybe one for each year or two year period. I don't like it that the text doesn't stay with the pictures, but still, it would be so great to have it all in print. I've heard of blog sites crashing, leaving NO record at all. Don't know if it's true, but wouldn't it be better to be safe than sorry? Thanks for this post and for the link on my WP blog!