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Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun on Mother's Day

Before I get into the wonderful Mother's Day I had...take a look at this GM/Buick family! My Buick Enclave is on the left, my DIL's new Buick Lacrosse in the middle and my son's Buick Enclave on the right! My daughter has a Saturn Vue and so does Bob! Darrin suggested we take a picture of our new Buick's...kinda funny.
Now on to the great meal Dawn and Amber prepared for all of us! Auntie picked up Amber on Sat. and they went shopping then back to Auntie's to get the food prepped! Yes, that's my plate on the left! Nick and I were ready to eat before anyone else! And it was sooooooo good...I think there were at least 10 different dishes from egg casserole to overnight blueberry french toast, bacon, sausage and Auntie's famous 'monkey bread' just to name some of the dishes they made.
Here are Auntie and Amber getting the food set out.
This is my beautiful DIL keeping an eye on Nick who was outside running around the house.

And my Beautiful Daughter with her bamboo plant she got for Mother's Day from her niece and nephew.

Amber got a T-Shirt from Auntie's trip down south. Dawn took a photography workshop in Savanagh two weeks ago. yep, that's Bob in the back sitting on the recliner chair! Jeff (my SIL) has a nice recliner too and Bob headed for that first thing.

This was Nick's shirt with the alligator on it..but he wanted to hide the alligator because he said it was a crocodile.
This was the box Dawn had my beautiful necklace in...the necklace is in the next picture but I loved the box too!
Dawn got me the necklace on the right and the kids got me the grandma necklace on the left. It opens and has a little poem in it. The had a larger version of the poem in the package which I forgot to take a picture of and post. It's really a sweet poem about grandma's.
Kris and Darrin also got me this beautiful sweater! Can't you just see it in a quilt! I've got to stop doing that, I know! But seriously, can't you just imagine this printed out!
Here's Darrin, Kris, Dawn and Jeff...after our huge meal. I think we were all having our sugar let down! But we had a great time. Isn't Dawn's wall behind them unique. Dawn painted it herself a few years ago. I love it every time I see it.
So that was my wonderful, enjoyable day with my family. Thank you each for everything!!
Bob and I talked about the great meal most of the way home then talked about the great kids we have. We certainly are so lucky and fortunate and count our blessings for sure. Ron called yesterday as he always does to wish me Happy Mother's day. He's another great son.. and husband. He got MJ a new Palm Pre for mother's day. She was pretty excited now they have broadband rather then dial up! I think they are trying to talk Bob into texting! Just what he needs to do! Funny, because Darrin got Kris and Ipod for her Mother's Day gift. Boy, we've come a long way from the vacuums and mixers for gifts haven't we!
Temp was only 27 again! this a.m. It does warm up during the day but it's so hard to believe we're having these temperatures.

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