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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Margarita & Mexican Food

Before I get into posting about another wonderful evening with friends, I want to introduce you to BB (not sure that's how his name is spelled, but it's how it sounds!).
BB is owned by Verna and Ron and he's the sweetest dog (BB, not Ron! ok, Ron is sweet but not as sweet as BB!). Mandy would really like him just because he's very quiet and older than she is! Again, BB not Ron!
We have had so many wonderful meals prepared by friends this winter and last night was another one of those great meals! We've been treated to spectacular food from corned beef & cabbage to crab legs and shrimp! Last night Verna & Ron invited 16 of us over for Mexican night!

I didn't get a picture of Verna and Ron last night..this picture is from the St. Patrick's Day feast ,yep, another great food night Maryilyn and John hosted.
Now for pictures from last night. Verna is at the stove and Jan is to her left supervising or else she was sneaking bites of food!
Verna made a great cheese dip and Pico de gallo with chips that I wanted to steal and take home! Yes, Ron, that's why my purse was so heavy! Of course we had Margarita's too!!
It's hard to appreciate the view from Verna and Ron's Lani with my picture. I think if you click and enlarge the picture you'll get a better perspective of the pool area and golf course. Ron and Verna have an infinity pool with a waterfall that looks out onto the golf course. Talk about relaxing! A good thing Bob and I were filling our face with food or we both would or could have taken a nap!
Yep, we're still eating (before dinner!)...hi ladies!! See Susan I didn't take your picture! Wasn't I good! Susan doesn't like her picture taken and neither do I.
So here is Verna's beautiful feast being laid out! We had skirt steak, shredded chicken, beans (made fresh! not canned), taco's (hard and soft shell), cheese enchiladas, a fabulous rice dish and of course all the fixings for whatever you want!
Verna giving us the tour of the table!
Delicious..just delicious!
Of course I already had my plate when I took this picture!
I expected nothing less of Verna! Everyone had fried ice cream and...
home made Mexican tea cakes!
So thank you Verna for all your hard work and for the best Mexican meal Bob and I have EVERY had! Thanks to Ron for being a great host and butler! You do good work!

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  1. My goodness you certainly have a big social life! I feel stuffed after reading this post. I think I need an Alka seltzer;-)
    No insult intended, it all looks delicious!

  2. yummy! Sounds great!My husband is a great cook.