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Monday, March 8, 2010

Another weekend

A busy weekend as usual. Sat. was weaver's meeting, Sunday was running with Carol to Michael's, JoAnne's and THEN to the library where I got Under the Dome on CD! Now I can listen when I take my walk, sew or clean! Then, if I have time and just want to read, I go to the chapter where I left off while listening. Works great!! I think I'll be able to get this book finished before we leave! I did finish the outline beading on my kite BJP! Now on to make the string and kite tail!
I made these peyote triangles that I'm going to use for my kite tail! At least that's my plan! I'm also working on making a peyote tube to hold the string for my kite!
Our weaver's meeting on Saturday was so much fun! My friend, Susan, brought her stain glass applique she's working on. She's getting close to the end then just needs to hand quilt it! Just! I can't show pix until she's entered it in a show! The items I brought are on my blog already so I'm not including here.
Onto some of our show and tell from others. This is a flag Mary made for the conference the end of this month. Isn't it a fun piece! Plus, you have to look for the 'word' or initials she included in the piece. FTWG (Florida Tropical Weavers Guild). Mary is so clever and a fun lady.
Betty showed this cool purse she was given. We were all trying to decide how to make one! It slips over your shoulder and across your chest. One of those really comfortable purses to carry all those goodies from the shows we attend or other shopping we do.
Betty showed a heart bead she made. I think this was a technique one year at our meeting but I must have been in Michigan or I would have made them for sure.
Betty's better half gave her this very cool necklace with the little charms in it. She has some more charms coming..they are so tiny! The first pix I took was too dark and this one the flash makes it hard to see the cute charms. There was a heart, ying/yang, a dog and I forget what else. Very nice present!
Our own Queen of Purple was busy weaving some towels with matching dish cloths. The dish cloths were made with the same yarn as the matching towel! Interesting! Jan also brought a really cool bead she made but I can't find the bugger! I was moving pix and now it's gone! When/if I find it I'll post it. It was really cool too.

This was our project for the day! A woven pouch. Betty was so nice to make us all kits. We had a great time weaving our little hearts out. I should have mine finished tonight and I'll post my picture then.

The 1st video shows how to take the woven pouch off the board. Thanks again Betty!!! The 2nd video should be first! I'm not able to move the video's around now in blogger. Betty shows how to put the tie in the pouch! Again, THANKS so much for an interesting day, Betty! So nice of you to prepare our kits to make the pouch. And to all the other ladies, thanks for a great afternoon of friendship!


  1. Great idea, with the peyote cubes for the tail etc.

    I just wish I had time to do more beading.


  2. I just love your beadwork and using those triangle beaded bits will be perfect for the kite tail! Good post, it is all interesting. I would like to know how that heart bead was made.