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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weaver's Guild Meeting

Before I get into our Weaver's meeting today..check out the SNOW! That's right! Snow in Ocala, Florida!!! This is what was on the roofs this a.m. I feel like we're in Michigan! This is the front of our house.
This is the house behind us! Snow did melt as the morning progressed but...snow!
So now on the the Warped Weaver's meeting today. There were only six of us but a productive group for sure! Susan started us out with showing her hand applique stained glass piece she is working on. I won't show pics as she is going to be entering in shows so I'll wait until she wins that big ribbon. It is fun to see her work progressing so she's showing her piece every month to the group.
This is a woven piece our own "queen of purple' did when she was around 15 years old. Now I won't say how old Jan is now! But isn't this great! Jan said she just wanted to show even a 'younger' person can weave! Yea, right! I really like the colors and the pattern!
Caryl, our hostess today, made these ornaments for her class this year. Wasn't that nice of her. I said 20 years from now one of the kids will have this ornament on their tree and telling their children one of their teachers made it for them years ago. A nice keepsake!
Caryl also showed this envelope box she made. I really like's made of envelopes with a smaller box inside. This is the top....
This is the box inside....
And here's a side view! I'd love to make one of these!
Caryl also got this pattern from the Internet and has made several of these dolls. Poor doll..he doesn't have a name and Caryl said she didn't like his face! I covered his ears so he wouldn't hear all the 'bad talk'.
Of course our own Theo showed a different technique for weaving. This is a felted woven scarf. The threads are some 'scraps' (at least I think Theo called them scraps!) but the black threads are a more expensive wool. After the piece was woven it was 'felted' - I forgot to ask how Theo soaked or felted it. I love the colors.
This is a purse Gerri made from scraps that she crocheted (re-purposing is the name of this group today!). Here's Gerri modeling a Beret and scarf she made from her own rabbit fur!
Gerri plucked, spun and then crocheted the Beret and knitted the scarf. They are both so soft!
These are some afghans that belonged to Caryl's grandmother. Aren't these wonderful! Caryl's so lucky to have them as a keepsake!

So for our afternoon program, I showed the ladies how to 'zentagle'...just a fancy name for doodling but it's fun and you can do lots with your piece when it's finished. I'm not posting pics of my can see them here on my blog.
This was Caryl's 'zentangle' piece!

This was Theo's 'zentangle'.
This was Gerri's 'zentangle'.
This is Susan's 'zentangle'.
And Queen of Purple...although, I'm sure no one would have guessed! yep, that's purple ink!
You can sign up for the Zentangle newsletter and look at previous issues as well as patterns online. I did handout some patterns from their web site. Check it out for more inspiration here.

Snow is gone but it's still only 35 degrees! Yikes! It is supposed to get up to the mid 70's by next Friday so our 'winter' vacation can start! Let's hope!

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