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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surround yourself with talented friends!

Yep, this is the key...surround yourself with talented friends. They certainly can be an inspiration and just fun to be around!

I stopped over Susan and Harvey's this a.m. and as usual got very inspired by this talented couple. I've admired Susan's quilting and her workmanship since we met a few years ago. Here's one of her pieces she entered in the Hoffman challenge last year.

Of course she did win a ribbon for Best Hand Workmanship!! Check out the ribbon. It was made from the fabrics that were to be used in the challenge. Clever!
This is another quilt hanging in their house Susan made in 1999. You need to keep in mind that Susan has never purchased a pattern. She just makes up her own! I didn't take any pics of the stain glass piece she is working on (I referred to this in my last post and in August). Susan enlarged the original pattern she made and is working away on the piece. It's just stunning and her hand applique is exquisite! She has to enter it in an IQA or NQA show for sure!

And then there's Harvey! Check out the stain glass piece he is making for his daughter! How cool is this! Of course being a bird lover, this is really striking to me. This one is in progress but the next one is finished except for the frame.

Check this one out!! Is this great or what!! Harvey does collaborate with Susan on choosing the colors for his stain glass work. See, they are a great couple working together. I know Harvey is proud of Susan's work as well.

So now that I'm inspired by all this wonderful work, guess I'll get to work! Still cold her today..low this a.m was 24 although it could have been lower than that. It's 42 right now and sunny which helps! Tomorrow it's suppose to be 60 but we'll see...if the wind dies down, it might end up being a golf day for Bob.

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  1. Ooooooo, I love those parrots!!! the quilts are lovely but me and my birds....the parrots trump anything else!
    Except I don't think I could own one of those really large little squirts are loud and demanding enough. ;)
    Inspiration from generous people is what keeps artists pushing ahead!