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Monday, January 11, 2010


First...look at the great fiber card my friend, Carol T. sent me for my upcoming BD! Pretty nice isn't it! It reminds me of Laura Wasilowski's work! Thanks, Carol, this was a nice surprise!!
I also received my copy of 'Alpha Tangle' by Sandy Bartholomew. This is 4" neat little book that Sandy has created by incorporating 'zentangles' in alphabet letters. You can check out Sandy's blog post on her book here. She has some great patterns on her web site and is a good source of inspiration for zentangles!
On a whole other note....this past week or so I've been asked "what do you do with the journal quilts you make?". This really got me thinking about what do I do with them or why do I do them!
First off, I love doing the journal quilts primarily because of their size, 8 1/2" x 11". This is a great size to work with and therefore allows you to 'finish' a piece quickly. Sometimes, a new technique I'm trying looks good enough to finish!
Second, I'd sure hate to 'practice' on a large art quilt only to find out a technique just didn't work out as I expected. My journal quilts allow me the freedom to 'practice' or try a new technique and make something really cool and sometimes make something that isn't so cool! Journal quilts also allow my creative side to be pumped so I'll make some other creative work. At least I hope my work is creative at times.
I'd sum up my making journal size quilts as a medium for learning tools and techniques. For example, the piece below gave me some insight on making pleated fabric. This journal quilt ended up looking like tree bark!
It also gave me some insight and practice on making my Frankenthaler piece here. Another piece was my 'eye of the pony' I showed on a post here. Again it was a great way to practice stitching for my 'wolves for the MQAI 2009 exhibit. My post and pics are here. So in a nutshell what I do with my journal quilts is 'create'! Then I hide them in folders to inspire me throughout the years! Yes, I have all my monthly journal quilts in folders (from Staples) by year/theme. I have fun making my little pieces of art and teach myself a lot at the same time! For me, it just works...
18 degrees in Ocala this a.m. but up to 49 this afternoon! Sun was out and my friend and I actually had our coats off at times going in and out of the stores..yes, we did shop today! But it was fun as always! I love spending Carol's money!!

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  1. Journal quilts are a great size to float on a dark background in a simple frame. They are, in and of themselves, pieces of art.
    If you have some you really love, consider having them floated. A framer can do it, or with good black foamcore and the right size frame, you can do it yourself.
    Or have a framer make one frame, then baste them to seperate pieces of foamcoer and change them out occasionally!
    They are too nice to hide away.... :)