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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wed. with kids

So last Wed. I forgot to post our pictures from the trip to the water park in Oxford. We packed our lunch and took off to the park. Had lunch then off to the water pad and the kids had fun. Water was ice cold and gave them 'brain freeze' but they enjoyed the water. We went back to the playground area and they played for over 45 min. while Ginny and I sat and watched everyone. Then we treated ourselves to an ice cream cone. Just a nice day.
So this Wed. we stopped at the library and picked up free passes to the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills. What a day! We left at 10 to pick up the passes and arrived at the museum before 10:45. We didn't leave until after 3:30! So here's some pics of our day!

Ginny and Nick working on one of the inter active puzzles
Both kids deep in thought!

Digging for dinosaur eggs!

Holding up the dinosaur!

Trying to hold up the dinosaur and doing a good job!
Yes, Nick they are sharp!

This was a bat at the bat exhibit we went to! How cool is that!
This was another one we saw. Actually, she brought out 3 or 4 of them! Some as small as a few inches and the largest one was over a foot! She didn't bring that one out!

Here we are at one of the exhibits
And the best part. The kids rode the elevator by themselves (in the car garage!). Go figure they would enjoy this best!
All in all it was a really nice day at least for this grandma. Got to spend time with my kids and show Ginny some more gross things in the world. She wasn't crazy about the smells in the bat exhibit. They had a sloth in there as well and they only go to the 'bathroom' once every 10 days..guess what day this was! Yep! Until our next adventure!

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