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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Multi Tasking...quilting and sports

I posted about working on this indigo dyed shibori piece I did several years ago. Finished it last night watching Tigers before the Lions came on. I curved two edges and it turned out pretty good. I did hand stitching along with free motion quilting along with beading and embroidery work. The white lines are stitched with Perle cotton in a rope like stitch.

One of the beading areas I did using the herringbone stitch.

Click on picture to see the rope stitch from the beads.

Just abuttonhole stitch adding a bead as I went to encase this piece of fabric.
Now on to my 'multi tasking'...................

OK, this isn't easy but I did it! Bob and I were watching the Tigers and Lions Saturday night and I was reading a book at the same time! Can't tell me my mind is slipping! It wasn't easy that's for sure but I did it! Thank goodness for 'picture in a picture'...we were getting a little slap happy but both teams won and this is a good book (plus, it's in large print which makes it easy to read during commercials). GO LIONS! And get going Tigers! They lost today!

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  1. That looks almost like Sashiko stitching - that might be fun to do with thicker thread.