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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Another Wednesday! Fun!

This picture of Mandy doesn't have anything to do with 'just another Wed.'. I just thought she looked so cute..hanging out! This is her resting place when Bob and I are on the computer. She can watch us inside and watch outside...her choice! Long story for another post..we bought a new camera so Bob is taking more pics around the house. The camera is always in my purse so he doesn't get to take pictures very often!
Auntie Dawn took Amber for her 'birthday present' girls day last Sat. and one of the treats Amber had was a manicure. Check out these nails! They really did look cute and Amber enjoyed her day with Auntie so much...So back to Wed., I took Amber, Nick and Ginny to the $1 movies! The last day is today so we got in at this great rate just in time! We saw the Spiderwick Chronicles (kids did see it already but told me it was their all time favorite! hmmmm don't they think that of all their movies!). Anyway, the movie was really good! We got out of the show around 12:30 and headed off for subs at Quizno's..they had a $1 special too..what's up with all the $1 specials! I love them!
We took our subs to the park in Lake Orion to eat and watch the ducks (no, we didn't feed them..ok, we didn't feed them much!!) and when we got there, the Farmer's Market was starting at 2:00! We got some corn, tomatoes, green beans, Mellon and some pie! Cherry/Rhubarb! It was just a small 4" pie but was pretty darn good.

The day was beautiful and there have to be 50 or more ducks at this park. Kids love them but then the ducks love us too. This little guy was swimming up stream to the kids. He thought they had food!
Kids loved watching the ducks swim but! I think they wanted to go in the water too. Nick sure tried!

Talk about a mixture of ducks this place sure has it. There were only 3 babies that we saw. I'm sure there were more but it's not like we didn't have any other ducks to look at!

So now on to Shibori! I love the Callishiboi web site and drool quite often at her work and products. I had ordered some of her templates and so I started playing with doing some hand work (no hand work projects left to do! Everything is on the machine or being painted.)
Here are some of the areas that were waiting to be stitched. This is a hand dyed fabric I've had that isn't that great for a shibori pattern. It's ok but just kinda dull and not exciting. I dyed this on muslin which I don't do very often so the fabric doesn't have a nice sheen as the cotton sateen I normally use. You can barely see the lines for tracing but they're there!

This one looks a little brighter. I cut four fat quarters to do hand stitching on.

Here's one of the pieces with stitching completed. Next you have to pull all the threads tight, tight, tight!

And here they are...tight, tight, tight! I used quilting thread to do my shibori stitching with. Guess I should check and see what other folks use.
I would think polyester thread would work as it's quite strong too. When I get all four pieces stitched then I'll overdye them in either black or a very dark, indigo type, blue! Hopefully, I have my stitches tight enough so my greens and blues will show the pattern of the leaves.
So Tigers played this afternoon (which I forgot to turn on and listen to!) and they won! So nothing on the boob tube tonight so I'll either read or stitch some more. I did most of my work on the computer today and finished up the MQAI write ups for Mary. Busy weekend starting tomorrow and through next week. As long as I have time to sew, I'll be a happy camper!

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  1. Love the picture of Mandy - and those lovely nails! Sounded like a wonderful day.