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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wed. with kids

Nick and I started off riding the bikes over to Auntie's house..well, I didn't make it out of the garage before I fell! OK, who said you never forget riding a bike! Duh! I forgot the brakes are on the handle bars and not the pedals! Nick didn't believe me when I told him my bike always had brakes on the pedals! So off we rode to Auntie's; came back home and packed up our lunch and off to the library (again!) to ride the trail behind the building. I walked, Nick rode his bike. We stopped for lunch then rode/walked some more but only for about 30 min. this week! Then inside to read two books! and check some out. Both kids are in the reading program at the library.

The sign behind the library at the start of the trail. Last week we rode/walked out of the trail area. We were gone almost one hour last week! And that was NO lunch break! This week we just did the mile trail.
This is where we ate our lunch. They have several benches set up and it's in the shade and very relaxing!
He walked down the hill to the lake.

Nick was posing! Cute, isn't it!
My dumb camera gives me 'file errors' so I need to take two of every shot! I put the one above and this one on a timer but only took one poor Nick got chopped off! This would have been such a cute picture! Grrrrrrrrrr I've written to Sony time and again and finally they said to send it in..but I can buy a new one cheaper then what they'll fix this one for. So I'll just keep taking two pics!
Auntie called and told me she had made some pasta for us and some chocolate cake! So we stopped and picked up our dinner and dessert for Nick and I. Bob and I had the pasta and it was really good. The cake was good as well and it was made with BEETS! Go figure! Low fat for sure! Actually, for a chocolate fix I thought it was great!
Back home to watch a video of kids skate boarding, snow boarding, etc. Then we picked up Amber. She really couldn't decide what to do and I couldn't see siting in the house watching the boob tube so we took play dough outside and 'played'. Nick played with his cars for awhile then got into the play dough. Oh, Nick and I also made the 'coins' that we use for the 4-H fair. Kids earn 'coins' to pay for their day at the fair. Amber has gone to the fair with me since she was 2 or 3. I really look forward to the day myself. Check out the hair on this guy! We ended up pretending it was spaghetti!
All in all it was a really nice day. Amber is out of school tomorrow (June 11th) so I'll be with both on them all day on Wed. starting next week. I'm sure we'll be busy! Just need to think of things to do!

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