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Friday, March 13, 2009

One lost day but gardening the next!

Seems like Friday just flew by or did I lose it! I received this email from my son on Friday. I've mentioned before Gary who Darrin and his family have sent 'care' packages to Iraq for he and his platoon. Gary is back in Michigan now and went to Amber's school. Here's the note from Darrin and the letter Amber wrote to Gary.
"Mum, thought you would enjoy this note from Amber to Mr. Gary…he stopped by her class on Thursday to thank the kids and talk with them about his job in Iraq and also explain how the children of Iraq live and what their school is like. She really enjoyed the time…he had Amber read all the questions from each of the kids and then she walked his Cover (hat) around so the kids could see it up close."

Well, Friday Bob and I left early to go to Cracker Barrel for our favorite breakfast...pecan pancakes, eggs (no egg beaters this time!), potato casserole and crisp bacon! I brought half mine home so I didn't feel quite as bad. We won't say what my better half did! After breakfast, we headed out to do some shopping (remember I said I was with my hubby!) then to Publix for some groceries. When I got home, I started some laundry, vacuumed, mopped the floor then bathed Mandy. Her 'hair' drying takes over 45 min. so I dried her out on the Lani while sitting. Boy, that made it easier for sure! Afterwards, I finished up the quilting on my Musings piece for a SAQA exhibit. Let's hope after all this work it gets juried in. I'm rushing to finish it by the 24th as it has to be in the mail on the 25th! My machine isn't cooperating so I was holding my breath finishing up the quilting on it.

So today, Carol and I are going to the Master Gardener Show in Ocala. We attend this show every year and it's really quite nice. Over 60 or 70 vendors and lots and lots of flowers plus unusual outdoor and indoor decorations. Carol purchased the most unique piece for her front porch one year. I should get a picture and post it. So off I go...places to go, things to do and people to see!!

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